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Many factors are considered in determining the tent size needed to plan your event. A simplified way of doing this is to utilize the chart below to calculate your square footage. After adding the required space needed for seating, dance floor, bar, etc., add all numbers together, this will give you the total square footage for the size tent needed.

Guest Seating 12 square feet per person
Dance Floor 2-4 square feet per person
Buffet Table (8'x32") 100 square feet per table
Cake Table (4' round) 50 square feet
Bar Area 100 square feet
Standing room only (cocktail party) 6 square feet per person
Ceremony Seating (row) 6 square feet per person

This information should be used in pre-planning stages of an event. Once Celebration Rentals is contacted, we will provide the customer with a
more precise figure and CAD (computer aided design) layout to give the customer a vision of how the tent would look.

With our CAD layout we strive to give the customer a better vision of what the configuration of the event might look like. Celebration Rentals offers the CAD layout and a free consultation to anyone interested in planning or having an event, wedding or party.


Every event is unique and presents its own challenges. The staff at Celebration Rentals goal is to assist you to plan for a spectacular event. One of the ways we can assist you in visualizing how your event may look, is to provide you with computer aided design (CAD) layouts. These layouts not only provide you with a basic sense of what any potential layout that you have in mind will look like, but also provides you with the security in knowing that the size of your tent will be adequate for your event. Our goal at Celebration Rentals is not to make your event fit our designs, but to design a tent that will be unique to your event.

Tent Styles:

Our 60' and 40' Tents are nothing short of awe inspiring. The popular and dramatic appearance defined by the graceful peaks and smooth curves on the outside with its stunning uncluttered interior puts this tent in a class of its own. The appearance of these tents will be further enhanced by the solid or cathedral walls that will accompany these structures providing you with an elegant way to defy the elements.

In keeping with the elegant look of the Century Tent, our 30' Genesis Tents feature the same sweeping curves and graceful peaks.

The 30', 20' and 10' Century Frame Tents are spectacular in design and appearance. Frame tents provide stability while retaining the graceful peaks and smooth curves of the larger pole tents.


They offer the added versatility of being used as companion tents or as stand alone units depending on your needs, at the same time eliminating the need for a center pole, therefore the interior will provide you with a totally unobstructed space for use for your event. The channeled wall system and unique watertight guttering will enable you to join multiple tents together.

The 10' Century Frame Tents when used as walkways leading to your reception area will provide you with the security to keep you and your guests protected from the ever changing New England weather, while creating a stunning look that will enhance the setting of your choice.



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