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Event Planning & Design

Event Planning & Design

There are many factors in determining the tent size required for an event. We find the simplest method for achieving this is to use the chart below to calculate the approximate necessary square footage.

In the pre-planning stage of an event, Celebration Rentals uses the square footage calculations to create precise figures and generates a computer aided design, or CAD, to give clients a clear and tangible vision of their event configuration.

Celebration Rentals offers free consultation and CAD layout to anyone interested in planning or entertaining an event, wedding or party.

Guest Seating 12 square feet pp
Dance Floor 2-4 square feet pp
Buffet Table (8’ x 32’) 100 square feet per table
Cake Table (4’ round) 50 square feet
Bar Area 100 square feet
Standing Room Only
(Cocktail Party)
6 square feet pp
Ceremony Seating (row) 6 square feet pp
pp = per person

Dear Shawn & Shirley,
We wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything. We know there was a lot of back and forth, but you remained patient until the end. Thank you for bringing positivity and the gorgeous tents. ~ Matt & Ju Nah