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Lighting & Flooring

Lighting & Flooring

Lighting: 40’ String with Clear Glass Bulbs $50
Cafe Lights $75
Par or Fesnell Can Lighting with Gels $50
Center Pole Lighting with Clear Glass Blubs $50
Chandelier (Black Wrought Iron) 5’ Tall $250
Sconce (Black Wrought Iron) 10” Tall $35
Chinese Lantern String Lighting PAN*
Swags PAN*
Dance Floor 12’ x 12’ $352
Dance Floor 18’ x 21’ $924
Dance Floor Panels (3’ x 3’) Wood / Vinyl $22
Staging / Bandstand (4’ x 4’ Panels) $30
Podium $100
Skirting for Bandstand PAN*
Gathered Tent Liners PAN*
Center Pole Sleeves $30
Wedding Arch - White or Natural $100
Heating System - Forced Hot Air
(80,000 BTU)
Heating System - Forced Hot Air
(175,000 BTU)
100 LB Propane Tank $100
*Priced as needed.  

Dear Celebration Rentals,
This is just a quick note (our fancy thank you stationary has yet to arrive) to say how grateful we are to each and every one of you for your contributions to our special day. The fine work, positive energy and execution was suburb and palpable to all who were present. We felt like we created something together and had a blast doing it. Same time, next summer? Haha. You’ll be hearing from all of us again post-honeymoon in August, but just wanted to let you know again that we are still beaming and giddy. If you need any information from us, don’t hesitate to get in touch. ~ Leslie and Eric